arrow 18 July, 2018

“Bees and Buzzards”


Think a minute…Bees and buzzards are very different in their eating habits. Buzzards fly and circle above looking for animals that are either hurt or dead. Then when they see one, they swoop down to tear and feast on it until it’s gone. But honeybees are the exact opposite. Honeybees only look for the good sweet nectar, as they fly from flower to flower. Buzzards only produce fear, pain, and death in their feeding. But honeybees produce honeycombs full of honey, which gives health and enjoyment to others.

You see, buzzards and bees always find what they’re looking for. Just like a wife can usually find what she’s looking for in her husband. She’ll see what she chooses to see: the good or the bad. So if we’ll focus on our husband’s faults and mistakes, we’ll find them. And the more fault we find in our husband, the less we’ll respect him. So then when our husband feels that we don’t respect him, maybe even see him as a loser and failure, guess who’s the last person he will want to be with? His wife! Since he feels he can never please her or be good enough for her.

But rather, if we try to look for the good qualities in our husband, and focus on those, we can grow to respect even admire him. Then when our husband feels this respect from us, because we stop cutting him down and criticizing him, our marriage and relationship will be much happier. As a wise person said: “To your husband’s qualities and good points, be very kind; and to his faults and mistakes—a little blind.”

Fortunately, there is a big difference between us and buzzards and bees. Animals cannot choose their instincts and behavior. But God made us human beings the highest of all His creation, so we can choose what we think, say, and do. So if you’ve not been the kind, loving wife you know you should be, won’t you ask Jesus Christ to forgive you? Right now ask Him to take charge of your heart and nature, so you can start changing to become the wife your husband needs. Just Think a Minute