arrow 19 November, 2017


What’s the Hardest Part of Living with Me?


<em>Think a minute</em>…Have you ever tried to get 2 fighting kids to admit their share of the blame

Think a minute…Have you ever tried to get 2 fighting kids to admit their share of the blame?   A 40-year-old man told his friends:  “I’ve learned that when you ask your wife ‘What’s wrong?’ And she says ‘Nothing.’  Man, watch out! Because her ‘nothing’ means you’re getting blamed for SOMETHING!”  Someone said, “Marriage is like a loaf of bread:  no matter how thin you slice it, there are always 2 sides.”  Because there’s his story and version of the problem, and then there’s her side of it.

A husband and wife were meeting with a marriage counselor. The counselor told them both to ask each other this question:  “What’s the hardest part of living with me?”   Then, without interrupting or defending themselves, the husband and wife had to listen to each other tell them what was difficult about living with them. So they were both responsible to take their share of the blame for their marriage problems.  The husband had to admit that he’d been selfish and immature when he went to the bar or pub after work instead of coming home to be with his wife and kids. And the wife had to admit she was always nagging and ruining the mood in their home so that her husband and kids didn’t enjoy being around her.

You see, it’s only when we admit our share of the blame for our marriage problems that we can begin to do change and improve it. Then we will stop trying to change our wife or husband, and start working on the only person we can change:  ourselves.  That’s when our wife or husband might start wanting to change also. 

But it’s not easy for us to see our own faults and weaknesses, let alone be strong enough to admit we have them. But until we take the responsibility for the problems and unhappiness which we cause in our marriage, very little will change.  So why not be honest with yourself? Just ask Jesus Christ to forgive you today for your wrong attitudes and the way you treat your wife or husband?  Then ask Him to give you the strength and willpower to start changing each and every day. Just Think a Minute…