arrow 16 August, 2018


Women Are From Venus


<em>Think a minute</em>…What do husbands and wives need from each other

Think a minute…What do husbands and wives need from each other? A best-selling book entitled, Men Are From Mars , Women Are From Venus, explains how men and women are different creatures. So for marriage to work, husbands and wives must know each other’s different needs before they can meet and fill those needs. It’s then they can have a satisfying marriage.  Today we’ll let the ladies go first, and next time we’ll talk about husbands’ needs.

Women basically need 3 things from their husband.  Number 1:  affection. Not just sex, but thoughtfulness, kindness, and yes, romance! Some of us men treat our wives like they’re just our housekeeper and lover! Friend, our wife needs our full attention and affection. So let her know how often and how much you think of her.

Number 2:  your wife needs conversation and friendship. One of the biggest disappointments that wives have is that their husband almost never sits down and chats with them.  And that their husband doesn’t treat them like a friend or equal.

Number 3:  Your wife needs faithfulness. Not just in providing money for food and a home, but faithfulness to her personally! Your wife needs to know that you’re a one-woman man! And that later you won’t trade her in like an old car for a new model.

God, Who invented marriage, also gave us His manual for marriage:  the Bible. When all else fails read the manual! In the Bible Jesus Christ clearly shows and explains how husbands are supposed to love and serve the needs of their wife.  But you’ll never have what it takes to satisfy and meet your wife’s needs until you ask Jesus Christ to forgive you for your self-centeredness and let Him take full charge of your character. Only with Jesus’ strength and real love can you be the man and husband your wife needs. Just Think a Minute