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What People Say

"Yard workers to high government officials love these talks that give them real answers to their real-life problems."
      Social Worker

"We've never received such a strong response to a program as we have to "Think a Minute." It is now part of the nation's daily routine."
      Manager of #1 pop station in Pacific country

"Few organizations in the Pacific are reaching and helping so many people as effectively as Think a Minute."
      Civic and Religious Leader

"My entire high school starts every morning by listening to Think a Minute. It is giving our young people answers and hope they're not finding anywhere else."
      High School Principal

"Every day the station receives many calls from listeners asking for Think a Minute tapes and more materials."
      Media Professional

"Think a Minute is having a great impact on our nation."
      Civic and Religious Leader

"Please keep sending your columns. Think a Minute continues to be very popular…a big demand from the public."
      Owner-Manager of a leading newspaper

"The lives of a man and his 3 daughters were greatly changed by a Think a Minute message."
      Social Worker

"At present I am going through a very difficult time with my teenage children. Listening to your program helps me to get through the day. I will share your book with my friend."

"Your program is an interesting, helpful and wonderful one. It helped me overcome some of my problems."
      16-year-old school girl

"I really enjoy listening to the CD's every morning…I sent copies of the CD's with your book to the Philippines so my wife and family can share it with others."
      Video and Audio Technician

"I almost gave up hope, but now after hearing Think a Minute on the radio I am trusting God for my future. I am really touched by the messages on how to live a successful, satisfying life God's way."
      Office clerk

"These messages have made me a better person and I am passing them on to my children."

"I really enjoy your Think a Minute program. I truly take into my mind your talks."

"I've been listening to your programs every morning…Think a Minute is the greatest program because I get to know more about God."
      11-year-old boy.

"I have found every message I listen to a great way to start the day. It really brings home the need to take time to reflect on our lives, where we are, and hope to be."

"Please send me more messages to keep my spirit growing."

"My young son is very hyperactive. The only time he is calm and relaxed is when he listens to your program Think a Minute."