arrow 16 August, 2018

What's Think a Minute?

Think a Minute is a popular daily radio program and newspaper column in numerous countries and languages around the world. Collections of Think a Minute messages have been published in 3 books.   

With humor, stories and wisdom, this public service message points the way to personal and professional success. Each brief talk gives thought-provoking, practical answers to the questions and problems confronting people in today’s world. Money matters, career, marriage, parenting and character growth are just a few of the many real-life challenges that are discussed in a personal, conversational style. Think a Minute offers real hope to everyone who daily faces the pressures and uncertainties of life in this 21st century. Think a minute…it could change everything!    

The real answers to your life’s questions and challenges can only come from the One Who created you. Only He knows how He designed your life to be fully lived with success and satisfaction. He wants you to know why He placed you here on earth. This is why He became a human being named Jesus Christ to show us how to live, love, labor, laugh and learn each day His way to real, lasting happiness and peace.      
If you ask Him, Jesus will show you how to find and fill your place in the world. He will give you the power you need to become all He created you to be. He will help you discover and develop all of your natural abilities He gave you to enjoy, and fully use to also help make the lives of others better.
We pray that like us you also have asked Jesus to forgive you for not living His right way, and you have asked Him to take control of every area of your new life with Him. Jesus can start changing you from the inside out. Once He makes your heart right, then He can help you learn to enjoy living right, just as He created you to.  

However, for God’s beautiful, master plan to happen in our lives, we must have a daily personal relationship with Him. But since God is perfectly pure and good, all of our wrong living has come between us and Him. If He could live together with our wrong hearts and lives, then He would not really be God Who is perfectly good. So we simply cannot have a relationship with Him until all of our sins have been taken out of the way. We all have done wrong things: wrong words, wrong thoughts, wrong attitudes, wrong relationships, wrong behavior and habits; so we have separated ourselves from our Maker, God.

Jesus taught that God’s two main laws of life are to love God and to love others like we love ourselves. This second law has become known as “The Golden Rule.” We know we do not want other people to do bad things to us. So, when we do these same bad things to others, we know this is wrong and we have sinned. This is why we all understand we have sinned. We also understand that many things have gone wrong in our lives because of our wrong living. But God still has a plan for your life even though you have sinned, if you will ask Him to forgive you and take control of your life.

Our disobedience and rebellion against our Maker is why He, God the Son, humbled Himself to become a human being, so He could die to pay the price and penalty for all of our sins. Then after being buried for 3 days, He came back to life to defeat the power of sin and prove He is the true, living God. No other person in all of history has raised himself from the dead! The historical and logical evidence for Jesus’ resurrection from death is very clear! He never sinned, but He was punished for all our sins. Jesus showed that He is the only One Who can forgive us and set us free to live His right, successful way every day, and be able to enjoy living forever with Him in heaven after we die.

Since He created us as an eternal soul and person, Jesus taught us that even after we finish our life here on earth, we all live forever: either in heaven or in hell. He also made it clear that hell is a real place of constant pain and terror with no end, and total separation from God and everything that is good. In fact, people will beg to die to be put out of their agony and misery—but they can’t. That’s why our Creator, Who loves us so much, became our Rescuer to do everything He could to save us from living in the pain of hell forever. But He will never force you to love Him, and to live His satisfying, safe way. If you want Him to leave you alone, He will. But He still stands in your way with His arms of love stretched out, so you must reject Him to reach hell.

Following Jesus is a relationship. A relationship will grow closer and better the more two people come to know each other and share what is important to them. But we can’t get to know each other if we don’t talk. You can talk and listen to God anytime you choose. God is everywhere and always hears you. He wants you to talk with Him every day and tell Him what you’re feeling and facing in your life. In fact, God wants to be your closest friend. He also wants to talk to you so you can come to personally know Him and what He is really like. He talks to you mainly through His Message, the Bible. If you read some of the Bible before you pray, what you have read will help guide your prayers and conversations with Him.

We also need to have Christian friends who help us in our new life with Jesus. We all need to regularly attend a Christian church that teaches everything written in God’s true Message, the Bible. The Bible is our manual for living. It shows and explains our Maker’s master plan for our life and how to live it every day. When we become a follower of Jesus, we join His family where we are loved and where we learn how to become more like Him daily in our character, career, family, friendships and lifestyle. The church family we belong to is the Assemblies of God. We pray that God will bless and help you every day of your new life with Him as you are learning to live Jesus’ way and tell others about Him.