Dear Pastors and Fellow Missionaries:

Gregory Mundis, Executive Director of the US AG World Missions, has offered this free multi-purpose tool for evangelism, practical discipleship, church planting, and community development.

Churches and missionaries use these messages in their local cultures and languages with Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Animists, and Secularists—most of whom would otherwise not be reached and connected to local churches.

We are pleased to make the Think a Minute messages available—no strings attached. All materials, print and audio, belong to you. You are free to use them “as is” or to adapt, rewrite, or translate the messages to most effectively serve your local people and purpose. Duplication is encouraged.

These concise, practical, content-driven messages are primarily for non-believers and new believers. They are written in clear English for English-as-second-language (ESL) listeners and readers; which also makes the messages easy to translate.

If you serve in a sensitive country or context, feel free to remove the evangelistic vocabulary (usually at the end of each message) and use the talks to build relationships and trust with your lost or never reached community. If you serve in a spiritually open culture, you can make the messages even more directly evangelistic.

Think a Minute messages have been used by churches and missionaries ON THE GROUND, ON THE AIR, and ONLINE in the following the ways. You are welcome to find even more practical uses for your ministry:

  1. Local church evangelism and practical discipling (individual, small group, and mass communication).
  2. English-teaching evangelism (individual, small group, and mass communication).
  3. Daily mass evangelism and teaching via radio, newspapers, podcasting, social media, blogging, SMS text messages on a nationwide mobile phone network, public service announcements on TV, etc.
  4. Three English-teaching evangelism books throughout China’s universities and bookstores.
  5. Pastoral sermons and illustrations.

If you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to contact us at hurstjhan@gmail.com or jhan.hurst@agmd.org. May God bless and multiply all you do to establish the church and extend its reach,

So all can hear,

Jhan and Iris Hurst