Use of the Resources

There are five days of Think a Minute resources on each weekly page, one for each day of the work week. Click the link for the Audio Player to play the file. You may view the transcript of the audio file while you listen by clicking on the Audio Transcript button. (The scripts may not correspond precisely word-for-word to the audio recordings.) Finally you may download the audio file and script for each day by clicking on the button in the Download tab.

Access the various weeks in the menu following, or go to the topical page for an assortment of topics.

Resources provided free

Resources are provided under the GNU General Public License (GPL). The GPL grants recipients of the following resources the right to freely modify and use them. While free here does mean without cost, the license stipulates that there is no restriction placed on the user in the use, modification, and distribution of the software, as long as the same rights are transferred to subsequent users. This is a form of Copyleft licensing.

Missionaries and indigenous churches can translate, adapt, rewrite and customize all audio and print content to most effectively serve your local purpose and people. If you wish, you are free to use the intro and the outro music with your own local closing and contact information.


Who has time to produce well-researched, Spirit-led radio programs. That was me and when my friend Jhan Hurst offered me the possibility of translating and using his programs for our ministry it was a life saver for me and a blessing for the listeners.
Don Exley, Lead Pastor of Christian Family Center, Martinez, Argentina
Think a Minute is a special avenue in sharing the gospel with millions of people. This powerful and practical message sent out across the airwaves has caught the attention of entire countries. In some nations it is the most recognized and appreciated time of the day for radio listeners. Jhan & Iris Hurst have developed this unique tool from their years of missionary ministry. The Asia Pacific Region has used this tool extensively, and now other regions have begun to incorporate this valuable message in a variety of ministries. These messages are also in print and have been translated into other languages and used in various forms (i.e. daily newspaper column, blog, text message, etc.). We commend Jhan and Iris for their insight and innovative ideas which are helping take the gospel into remote and untouched places. They are helping the church complete God’s plan that all people, languages, cities, villages, homes, and hearts have an opportunity to receive everlasting life.
Russ Turney, Regional Director for Asia Pacific
In a nation that has been torn by terrorism and has had a cloud of hopelessness hanging over it, ‘Think a Minute’ brings a ray of hope daily to its listener . . . . We have used Think a Minute effectively to reach people of all religions and races. Today with Think a Minute we reach close to two million people daily via the radio in Sinhala and English (5 FM stations 3 times a day) and over 100,000 with the daily text messages (SMS). It is an effective tool to bring influence to your community, city and nation.
Dishan Wickramaratne, Lead Pastor of Peoples Church, Colombo, Sri Lanka and General Superintendent