74c – Marriage Medicine (Part 2)

Think a Minute
Think a Minute
74c – Marriage Medicine (Part 2)

Think a minute…Someone said: “Love is a fantasy that is cured by marriage.” But, in fact, marriage is not the problem. It’s people’s wrong understanding and expectation of marriage that is the problem. Yesterday we talked about the epidemic disease that is infecting and injuring many marriages. Today we will finish with another unhealthy condition; then prescribe some medicine to heal and rebuild our relationship and life together.

A third sign of sickness in marriage is a communication breakdown. As a comedian said: “My wife and I sleep in separate rooms. We have dinner apart. We take separate holidays. We’re doing everything we can to keep our marriage together!”

Many husbands and wives drift apart gradually over time…until finally they’re like two strangers sitting at a dinner table with nothing to talk about. They become “married singles” living separate lives under the same roof. Their daily attention to each other slowly fades away into their busyness and interest in other friends and fun.

So, what marriage medicines can help us with these different marriage illnesses? First, accept your wife or husband the way they are. Remember, everybody has some weaknesses—including you. “The wife who criticizes her husband’s faults needs to remember they may have kept him from getting a better wife.” You cannot pick and choose which parts of your spouse’s personality you will love and accept, and which parts you will not. Real love accepts your mate’s weaknesses and also admits your own. This includes saying “I’m sorry” when you are wrong. 

Second, never forget what first attracted you to each other. Make the time and effort to keep your romance alive with thoughtful, tender words, kindnesses, and special surprises. Say and do those things you know your mate appreciates—even if it is not your own favorite thing. That is what mature, adult love for your “other half” is and does.

A famous actress said sadly: “Marriage is the miracle that transforms the kiss from a pleasure to a duty.” But she is wrong! Marriage does not do that; husbands and wives do that when they do not choose to keep their love fresh and alive each day. Remember, our children deserve to have a father and mother who show them what a close, happy marriage looks like. Then they will know how to have a happy marriage themselves when they grow up and become adults.

Today, if your marriage could use some healing and help, sincerely ask the original Maker of marriage to take full charge and start changing your heart with His real love. Jesus will help you change day by day, so you and your spouse can begin enjoying the satisfying love and life together He planned for you. Just think a minute…