83a – How to Crash Your Career

Think a Minute
Think a Minute
83a – How to Crash Your Career

Think a minute…It can take years to find the right job and career, but only days to lose it! Here are some negative character traits and attitudes that can crash your career. These simple yet serious faults can sabotage, even destroy, your job security and ability to provide for your family.

The number one way to ruin your career is to have weak or negative people skills. Most people prefer to work with someone who is less-skilled but who is kind and enjoyable to work with—rather than be stuck working with a highly-skilled “jerk.”

A second way to crash your career is to work only for yourself and your own personal gain rather than being a team player. Don’t keep trying to outshine your fellow workers, or simply use them to climb higher in your workplace. Instead, try to help your boss and fellow workers also do well. This in turn will build your network of friendships, as well as a happier work environment every day.         

A third way to ruin your job security and future is to be unreliable and irresponsible. My friend’s father taught him: “Son, always work hard and do your best so you are worth your wages. Then your boss will never want to lose you.” Ask yourself: “If I was my boss, should I trust me as a loyal, productive, and honest worker?”

         A fourth way you can ruin your career is to have no goals. You will not have a career to crash if you don’t even want to get it off the ground. If you have no purpose or passion for your work, you will have to endure your unhappy, unfulfilling career every day of your life.

         A fifth and final way to hurt your successful career is if you’re afraid of risk or failure. Remember, “The greatest risk is never taking one.” If you do not believe in yourself, no one else will! Instead of saying, “I’ve never done that,” you should say, “I can learn how to do it.” Always look for the opportunity to grow and learn from every situation and experience.

         You were created to succeed. Won’t you ask your Maker to help you reach your potential by changing your wrong attitudes, habits, and character traits? With Him in charge of your heart, He can daily lead you into the life of personal and professional success He created you to have and enjoy. Just think a minute…