93b – Happiness: Mood or Mode? (Part 1)

Think a Minute
Think a Minute
93b – Happiness: Mood or Mode? (Part 1)

Think a minute…The extremely wealthy David Geffen was asked if now that he is a billionaire is he happy? He laughed and answered: “Anyone who believes money makes you happy does not have money.” Rich people around the world will tell you that just having heaps of money alone cannot make you happy. In fact, it often brings you more worries and relationship problems. It’s a fact of life: “Happiness is not in things, it’s in us.” 

The realities of life are basically the same for happy and unhappy people. People who are truly happy do not have a magic button to get them out of problems and pain. They just use everything that happens in their lives to make themselves better, stronger, wiser, and more satisfied.

“The happiest people are those who have no particular reason for being happy other than they have chosen to be.”They do not wait for events or other people to make them happy. Happiness is not your mood, it’s your mode of operating every day. Your way of life. Your way of thinking, loving, and giving to others. It’s your way of working, playing, helping, laughing, relaxing, and enjoying each moment of life that you’re given.

In computer language, what is your life’s “operating system”? How do you process and respond to people and experiences that come in to your life each day? Do you see all the possibilities and purposes for your life? Do you daily focus on the good or the bad?

To have happiness, you must have the “attitude of gratitude”. A recent study showed that people who daily write down three good things in their life they’re grateful for, for just one week, are happier and healthier for six months to a year! Just by daily counting your blessings one-by-one. 

Victor Frankl survived Auschwitz, the horrifying Nazi death camp where his pregnant wife was murdered. He said: “Nazis can take everything from me—including my life—but they can never take away my choice to be happy.”

Won’t you make that life-changing choice to be a happy person today and every day of your life? Ask the Giver of life and happiness to take charge of your heart and way of living? Only God the Son can guarantee your lasting satisfaction, joy, and peace that no one can take away from you. Just think a minute…