Chance or Choice

Think a Minute
Think a Minute
82a – Chance or Choice?

Think a minute… There was a man who owned the only hair salon in his little town. He cut and styled the hair of almost everybody, so his small business was very successful. Then one day a big modern hair salon moved to town right across the street from his little shop. This new, big salon advertised in the newspapers and posted signs everywhere that read: “$6 haircuts! Everything for ONLY $6!”

Soon almost all of his customers began going to the new salon across the street for $6 haircuts. He knew he could never afford to beat this big salon’s price of only $6. But then he thought of a way to turn things around and win his customers back. He put up a big sign in front of his hair salon which read: “We FIX $6 haircuts!”

We all face challenges and tough times, but it is those of us who manage our difficulties positively and wisely who end up succeeding in life. It’s not luck that controls your life! It’s your own choices that make you and your family happy, successful and peaceful. Remember: “Things turn out best for people who make the best of the way things turn out.” No matter what happens these people keep going, because sooner or later “tough people win over tough times.” So “When the stormy sea is raging, it is no time to jump ship.”

Difficult situations can actually make us a better, deeper person—just like the opposing wind makes the tree grow stronger, deeper roots. As one guy said after he went through a hard and painful time: “I learned lessons I didn’t know I needed to learn.” To his benefit, he chose to have a humble, teachable heart willing to learn those lessons. Remember, the same heat that melts butter hardens clay. The difference is their response.

How do you respond? How do you handle the heat of problems, pressures and pain in your life? No matter which way the ball bounces, it’s still your game—if you choose to stay in the game. Today, if you will ask Jesus to take full charge of your heart and life, He can start working everything, including your difficulties and disappointments, together for your good and lasting happiness. Won’t you choose to start living His way every day? You’ve got nothing to lose and absolutely everything to gain! Just think a minute…